"Once we decided to switch over to UFLEXX®, we've gained competitive advantages."
Sarah Mack | Central Services Co. Inc. | Waukesha, WI

Lawn care professionals from around the country are faced with rising operating costs, tighter budgets, labor issues and environmental concerns, Many are turning to enhanced efficiency technologies to gain business advantages.


Central Services

Central Services Co., Inc. Gives its Lawn Care Customers Pleasing Results with UFLEXX® Stabilized Nitrogen Fertilizer

See how using enhanced efficiency fertilizer are producing customer-pleasing results and why the company is sold on UFLEXX® stabilized nitrogen.

Explore how this company is building a growing and loyal customer base.

Nice and Slow is the Way to Go.

Nice and Slow is the Way to Go.

Enhanced efficiency fertilizers continue to be a critical tool in helping Lawn America grow success in Oklahoma City.

Find Out Why These Products Get So Much Credit

What's In The Bag?

What's In The Bag?

Enhanced efficiency fertilizers help Weed Man USA achieve high renewal rates and satisfied customers, proving that not all fertilizers are the same.

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>Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers

Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers: How today's cutting edge fertilizer technology is combining sustainability with profitability.

Lawn Dawg, a regional lawn care company with eleven branches throughout the Northeast, is certainly answering the need for more sustainable solutions.

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Watch 'N' Learn

Discover the reasons why this Wisconsin-based company is so impressed with the performance of UFLEXX® stabilized nitrogen.

Find out what is in bags of blended fertilizers—and—how you can actually save money by increasing the percentage of enhanced efficiency technology. What you learn may surprise you.

Consult With Your Distributor or Local Koch Representative

Discuss which of these EEFs should be incorporated-at the right percentages-to give your business competitive advantages.

The recommended percentage of EEFs in the bag should be at least 40% to achieve stated longevities of nitrogen release.