Golf Testimonials
Golf Testimonials

Koch Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers Set Superintendents And Distributors Up For Success

Chris Hedberg Saves His Course Time and Money with UMAXX® Stabilized Nitrogen Fertilizer

“We usually make three applications, and that will get us a full season.”

Chris Hedberg | The Ridge at Castle Pines | Denver, CO

Chris Hedberg is superintendent of The Ridge at Castle Pines just outside of Denver, CO. The course’s elevation
From a few holes, you can see all the way to Pikes Peak, and downtown Denver.
is a little higher than Denver, and the terrain is a little drier, too. They have to be as efficient with water
The Ridge uses plenty of reclaimed water, and is even a Certified Audubon Sanctuary.
as possible, and hope that they get a few storms during the year.
Chris also has to get a lot done with a small crew
Labor continues to be one of the biggest concerns for golf course superindendents.
of 9 to 10 employees. There’s a wide spectrum of day-to-day tasks, and Chris is constantly searching for ways to be more efficient. “We try to do a lot with a little,” he says. “We still want to provide the same conditions or better than the members-only courses around us.”
For six years, Chris has used UMAXX stabilized nitrogen
A urea-based product from Koch Turf & Ornamental with a 46-0-0 analysis.
to keep fairways and roughs green throughout his course’s busy season. It takes his crew about a full day to spread granular fertilizer
UMAXX can also be dissolved into a spray mix.
across the entire property
The Ridge at Castle Pines sits on 77 acres.
. But once applied, UMAXX provides nutritional uptake to his course for months on end. “Three of our guys can spend a day fertilizing and we get 2-3 months out of it.”

“Overall, not having to apply fertilizer every month saves us time and money, because we don’t have to pay for fuel and labor. Last year, our weather conditions were such that we were able to stretch our time between UMAXX applications to almost 12 weeks.”

Learn more about Chris Hedberg’s course and how he uses UMAXX
to keep it at peak performance, season after season.
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John Rom Sells Solutions to Superintendents

John Rom of Wilbur-Ellis in Denver, CO, recommends Koch Turf & Ornamental products to golf course superintendents. The EEF technology in XCU® slow-release, UMAXX stabilized nitrogen and other Koch fertilizers helps his customers grow high-quality turf and improve course playability.

“In our business, it’s all about the quality of the products you sell, and with Koch, we know we’re getting the best fertilizer technology available on the market today.”

John Rom | Wilbur-Ellis | Denver, CO

Find out more about John Rom’s “solution selling.”

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How Others Micromanage Course Nutrition with EEFs

Superintendents know that incorporating enhanced efficiency fertilizers (EEFs) in the blends they buy lets them precisely dial in needed nutrition on every part of their course.

See the Advantages EEFs Can Bring Your Course

EEFs require fewer applications, resulting in extended longevities that can help save superintendents like you time and money. See how this technology works, and how it can keep your course at peak performance all season long.


Championship-Caliber Efficiency

Alex Stuedemann of TPC Deere Run in Silvis, IL, uses UMAXX because of its “predictable nutrient availability.”

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Impressive Results

Kevin Ross decided to use EEFs after seeing them produce healthy, dense turf in rough areas at the Country Club of the Rockies.

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