Koch Turf & Ornamental at BTME show
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Koch Turf & Ornamental at BTME show
Posted on Thursday, January 7, 2016

BTME Logo Enhanced efficiency fertiliser brands produced by US-based Koch Agronomic Services, LLC will now be marketed under its UK affiliate Bunn Fertiliser Limited.

Koch Agronomic Services, LLC, with its Koch Turf & Ornamental branded products, is a global leader in providing enhanced efficacy fertiliser (EEFs) that optimize nutrient uptake and minimize nutrient loss. With a focus on providing solutions for turf, ornamental and specialty agriculture professionals, Koch Turf & Ornamental has a broad portfolio of products including POLYON® controlled-release fertiliser and XCU® slow-release fertiliser, which will now be available to UK customers.

Premium POLYON fertiliser with its green colour is backed by years of research. The key to its performance is the Reactive Layers Coating technology which meters out nutrients via diffusion, making nutrients available to the plant when they are needed with minimal surge growth and a low burn potential.

XCU® fertiliser represents the latest polymer-coated sulfur-coated urea technology. This advanced dual-coated technology leads to less nitrogen lock-off and catastrophic release, and provides up to 10 weeks of turfgrass response per application.

Visit Koch Turf & Ornamental and Bunn to talk about XCU and POLYON at BTME 2016 19-21 January, Hall Q, stand Q34.