About Koch Turf & Ornamental and Koch Industries
About Koch Turf & Ornamental and Koch Industries

Introducing Koch Turf & Ornamental

From a Corporate Perspective

Koch Turf & Ornamental is a brand supported by Koch Agronomic Services, LLC which is an indirect subsidiary of Koch Ag & Energy Solutions, LLC, a part of Koch Industries, Inc. The company is committed to be the leading technology solutions provider focused on improving plant performance and reducing environmental impact.

Through its corporate connections with Koch Industries, Inc., a privately held company with some 100,000 employees operating in 60 countries across the globe, Koch T&O has access to an array of resources. These include research, processes, systems and people which all lead to unexpected innovations.


From a Shared Perspective

You take pride in what you do. And we take pride in helping you do it better.

It starts with a proven portfolio of controlled-release, slow-release and stabilized nitrogen fertilizers. These science-based EEF technologies can help you save time and reduce costs through more effective nutrient delivery.

But it's more than that. It’s about formulating solutions to grow your success, personally and professionally.

How we get there is by sharing what we know, and listening to what you know, so we can all grow together.