Lawn care professionals around the country are faced with rising operational costs, tighter budgets, labor issues and environmental concerns. Many are turning to enhanced efficiency technologies to gain business advantages.

“POLYON® is a better product, and many times, the better product costs more per bag. However, the labor savings more than make up for the original cost.”
Frank Mariani, Jr. | Mariani Landscape | Chicago, IL

Frank Mariani

POLYON Controlled-Release Fertilizer Helps Mariani Landscape Keep Up a Family Tradition

Frank Mariani, Jr., a third-generation employee at Mariani Landscape, explains how POLYON helps his operation grow quality turf and combat industry-wide labor concerns.
Meet Frank

Corbin Schlatter of Weed Man Uses XCU® Slow-Release Fertilizer to Grow and Retain His Customer Base
Meet Corbin

Sarah Mack of Central Services Co., Inc. and Her Customers Are Sold on UFLEXX® Stabilized Nitrogen
Meet Sarah

Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers Are a Critical Tool for Brad Johnson of Lawn America

Meet Brad

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