Institutional What’s In The Bag
Institutional What’s In The Bag

It Pays to Know What's in the Bag

Did you know that there’s up to 50% filler — which contains little to no nutritional value — in some bags of blended fertilizer? Enhanced efficiency fertilizer (EEF) technology from Koch Turf & Ornamental (Koch) adds more nutrition to your blend, and can open up a world of opportunity for your operation.

With EEF technology, you can extend your fertilizer’s longevity up to 26 weeks, which results in:

  • Fewer applications, freeing up time for your crew to complete other tasks
  • More efficient nutrient delivery to moderate flush growth and decrease mowing
  • A reduced number of fertilizer bags to buy, handle and store


Look Beyond Cost Per Bag

Watch this video to see how you can actually save money by reducing filler and the number of bags you buy.

Want to find out how much EEFs can save you?

Plug your nutrient analysis into our calculator. Then, find out how less filler in the bag can impact your cost of doing business.

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See the per-acre cost advantages that come with adding more nutrition to your blend.

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Discover how EEFs can play a key role in helping you get more out of your workforce.

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